The basis of Ventex Care is a small GSM/GPRS/GPS device that can be worn around the neck or kept in a pocket, and is supported by an advanced web application.

The user can make a call at any time, wherever he/she is, by simply pressing the SOS button. Any institution that cares for the elderly will benefit greatly from the Ventex Care system.

The device is small, compact and available in several colors, and the application is intuitive and easy to use. In addition to these features, the application and recorded data can be viewed at any time.

Ventex Care Features:

  • The exact location of the device holder,

  • Up to 6 days of battery autonomy,

  • Voice communication,

  • Sending an automatic SMS to three predefined numbers,

  • Records of movement and all alarms followed by causes and reactions summary,

  • Automatic alarms upon leaving or entering certain areas, speeding, falling...

What happens after pressing the SOS key:

  • An SMS is automatically sent to three predefined numbers: the SMS contains the device/user name, date and time, battery status and the user's exact location;

  • After the message has been sent, calls to the same numbers are made - if the first number does not answer, the second and the third are called and then the first again until someone answers;

  • The device is also used for voice communication - when a call comes in, the conversation runs smoothly, clearly and loudly, without the need for moving the device closer to your ear or mouth;

  • A window opens automatically on the computer displaying the name of the user (caller) and his/her exact address of residence, current location on the map, general information such as age, health status, possible diagnosis and therapy, time and reason for the last call...

In addition to receiving calls and keeping records of users, it is also possible to automate alarms.

The device will report automatically:

  •  If the user exits a defined area, for example 50 or 100 meters around the place of residence,

  •  Enters a defined zone,

  • If the user is moving faster than a certain speed, for example 40 km/h - meaning  that the user is in a vehicle,

  • If the battery capacity falls below 20%.