PANTHEON is a modern ERP business information system that enables the management and monitoring of all business segments.

Some of the key PANTHEON features are:

  • Localization and compliance with the legal requirements of all countries of the region
  • High degree of adaptability to customer business processes
  • A strong and professional partner network
  • An environment that enables the development of customer-specific solutions
  • A reporting system that can be customized to meet all customer demands

Some of PANTHEON's key features:

  • Monitoring of all pre-sales activities
  • Purchase and stock management
  • Monitoring, managing and calculating production with or without planning and scheduling
  • Delivery of goods and invoicing
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Branch networking
  • Service management
  • Accounting management
  • Financial management
  • Automation of alerts and reminders related to customer debts
  • Personnel records management
  • Payroll calculation
  • Travel warrant management
  • OSA registry management and creation of deprecation calculations
  • Customization of reports for all decision-making levels
  • Ability to adapt to all business-specific needs (so-called Vertical solutions)
  • Automated import of data from supplier accounts
  • And much more....

All those functions are implemented and interconnected, optimizing the business process, avoiding unnecessary data rewriting and thus making business faster and easier. 

As a result of the implementation, users get correct and detailed information that allow them to make in depth analysis and reports. VENTEX has a team of 8 qualified experts who work on selling, implementing and providing support for PANTHEON. VENTEX has an extensive experience in ERP system implementation and the knowledge to adapt the chosen ERP system to the specific needs of each company.

VENTEX has used PANTHEON to develop specific vertical solutions for various industries:

VEVPRO – a solution developed to help those who are in the wholesale industry and have a large customer base, a significant number of customer orders and a lot of orders placed to vendors that need to be tracked and connected.

This solution includes:

  • Order processing both for the purchasing and delivery processes
  • An info box for the documents, accessible to any salesperson, that provides a better insight into the balance of debts, outstanding orders and invoices for the customer
  • Price and price management module
  • Automation of sending debt notifications

VENDENT – is a solution developed for the dental industry. It is the only solution on the Croatian market that integrates both the professional and medical part:

  • Patient records
  • Appointment scheduling calendar
  • Offers
  • Invoices
  • Connecting RTG and CT equipment...

And the business part:

  • Manager reports
  • Accounting
  • Payroll and commission calculation

VEPILANA – a solution for the sawmill industry. It is the only solution on the croatian market that integrates the sawmill business:

  • Automated log receiving
  • Adding your own tiles to replace the missing ones
  • Log cutting
  • Issuing logs to production
  • Receiving a package of sawn timber with or without the specification of the boards
  • Receiving packages of finishing materials
  • Receiving by-products
  • Automated printing of bar-coded tags for packages
  • Pre-drying
  • Drying
  • Production calculation (at planned prices or at real costs)
  • Sales and purchase prices
  • Dispatching packages and logs
  • Invoicing...

And the business part:

  • Manager reports
  • Accounting
  • Personnel records
  • Work Safety
  • Payroll calculation
  • Travel warrants...

VESTP - a solution developed for technical inspection stations. It comes with an integrated connection to a system used by all vehicle inspection stations in Croatia.

VEALU – a solution developed for the distribution and wholesale of ALU profiles. A unique solution that fully integrates all aspects of the ALU profile distributor business.

The solution includes:

  • Tracking profiles in kilograms and pieces
  • Tracking profiles by color
  • Integration with the design system