While companies around the world are turning towards finding solutions to effectively combat the global pandemic, some individuals and organizations are finding the ideal opportunity to steal sensitive information. Specifically, cybercrime rates have quadrupled in recent months. The targets are not just research and medical organizations, but companies of all sizes and profiles.

The need for work from home and remote access to business data, on the other hand, revealed major gaps in the security systems of many companies. Inadequate security requirements for remote connection to business servers open up the possibility of easy misuse of access.

Fortunately, there are several proven solutions that can make business and business communication significantly more secure with rapid implementation.

Ventex's System Integration division, thanks to its partnership with the world's leading manufacturers of security solutions and the knowledge of our engineers, assures a large number of companies and their employees a safe continuity of work every day. Fortine's solutions with its next-generation VPN-enabled Firewall enable secure remote connection to the enterprise network.

By implementing quality security measures, you ensure continuity of operation in all business conditions.

Let us together find the best solution and protect your information against all internal and external threats, no matter where you work from.

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