In today's fast-growing market, it is necessary to have an efficient business solution that will implement and automate all business segments. The system that enables such a mode of operation is ERP - Enterprise resource planning. ERP used to be considered to be used exclusively by large companies whose business was divided into a large number of branches and sectors in multiple locations. However, with the development of new efficient solutions, such systems have become more practical and cheaper, and thus become available to both small and medium-sized enterprises.

A key feature of the ERP system is the fact that it manages everything from a single database, which allows good connectivity, communication and data sharing and processing among a large number of people from different departments, resulting in faster and more efficient business. The flow of information within the company becomes automated and simpler, and all the main activities of the company - from sales and procurement to production processes, invoicing and fiscalization - take place through a single software. ERP solutions differ for each individual sector - their base is basically similar and integrates all the basic activities that occur in all companies - and it then develops possible vertical solutions that meet the specific requirements of certain industries.

PANTHEON is a modern ERP business information system that enables the management and monitoring of the entire business of the company.

PANTHEON is characterized by:

  • localization and legal compliance for the markets of all countries in the region,
  • high degree of adaptability to user business processes,
  • large and professional partner network,
  • development environment that enables the development of specific solutions tailored to the user,
  • a reporting system that can be customized for even the most demanding users.

VENTEX has a team of 8 professional and qualified people working on sales, implementation and support for PANTHEON.

To ensure maximum company performance, we are able to tailor Pantheon to all the specific needs of the client company. Through many years of work, we have designed vertical solutions tailored to specific industries:

  • VEVPRO - a solution developed to facilitate the business of organizations that deal with wholesale and have a large number of customers, customer orders and orders to suppliers that need to monitor and connect
  • VEDENT - a solution developed for the dental industry. The only solution on the Croatian market that integrates the medical and business part
  • VEPILANA - a solution developed for the sawmill industry. The only solution on the Croatian market that integrates sawmill business
  • VESTP - a solution developed for technical inspection stations. The connection to the Internet system is integrated, a system used by all stations for technical inspection of vehicles in Croatia.
  • VEALU - a solution developed for the distribution and wholesale of ALU profiles. A unique solution that fully integrates all aspects of the business of ALU profile distributors.

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