The coronavirus pandemic has forced a large number of employers to reorganize their business as soon as possible and enable their employees to work from home.

Lack of time for reorganization and basic technical prerequisites, as well as inadequate security solutions, are factors that then caused many employers considerable problems in maintaining business continuity.

This period pointed out to us many technical and organizational shortcomings in companies across the country and showed us that adequate preparation for such situations is necessary.

We are now again in a situation where many, due to the worsening epidemiological situation, will again decide to work safely from home.

Are you ready for this scenario?

Do you have all the necessary prerequisites?

While on the one hand everyone is aware of the need for communication tools and solutions for remote connection to business systems, on the other hand they completely ignore one of the most important factors - security. The use of untested technologies and inadequate access authorization creates the possibility of unauthorized access to sensitive data and theft and loss of the same, which can be catastrophic for business.

Can you afford such a risk?

One of the absolute leaders in business system security is our longtime partner, Fortinet.

Fortinet solutions improve performance, increase protection and visibility while reducing costs. Their Enterprise Firewall platform, FortiGate, protects our users' network and devices and allows them to work seamlessly, while their FortiClient VPN gives users secure remote access to business networks regardless of where they are located.

Absolute proof of the quality of Fortinet solutions, in addition to many prestigious awards, are hundreds of thousands of satisfied users around the world.

Our colleagues from the system integration department have many years of experience in designing and implementing all types of technical and security solutions.

Over a period of 10 days, they successfully secured VPNs for over 30 companies and more than 500 employees. Thanks to previously implemented solutions, these companies are ensured business continuity within 24 hours and from work from home without compromising business security.

Not sure which solution would be optimal for your business? We are at your disposal for consultations related to technical and security solutions tailored to your company.

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