Research from the Bussines Continuity Institute (BCI) has shown that, on average, 20% of all organizations will experience some form of unplanned event at least once every five years.

When it comes to unplanned events, this does not have to be a global event such as the current pandemic, since 90% of the issues that significantly affect a company's performance and reputation relate to failures of significant IT equipment or similar technical situations that temporarily "paralyze" the company.

Creating a business continuity plan is a basic step that an organization must take on the path to a well-defined and manageable business management process. Because the design of the plan is sometimes more complex than the measures envisaged, many organizations avoid drafting it. Unfortunately, the lack of such a plan often has major financial consequences that significantly exceed the initial investment in prevention, and the costs and data loss can be such that the company can no longer recover.

The basic idea behind the Business Continuity Plan is essentially to protect information in the event of an accident. In order to do this properly it is necessary to:

1. Develop an incident response plan - a company-wide plan that defines actions that employees take immediately after an incident occurs to reduce the impact.

2. Establish a recovery plan that is typically compiled separately for each critical activity and includes a communications plan, functionality check and infrastructure recovery implementation, and a data recovery plan and restoration of normal activities.

In order for the creation and implementation of such measures to be successful, good cooperation and communication between the company and a professional technical team is required.

Our System Integration department helps companies secure their businesses by purchasing reliable equipment, enhancing security measures to access information, regularly backing up all data and monitoring the entire system 24/7. With our proactive action, we successfully ensure the operations of our customers and a rapid return to operational status in the event of a disaster.

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