By using the Fleet Management, you can access detailed information about your vehicles and drivers, as well as other motorized equipment. The ability to monitor and manage assets and get real-time reports provides users with high-quality asset management, better efficiency and enables overall cost reduction.

FleetX pokriva sve vrste vozila

This system is ideal for anyone who uses various types of vehicles in their business and wishes to have control over their management and cost. Fleet management is currently being used for all sorts of vehicles, from cars and buses to trucks, construction machinery and public transportation. Studies have shown that the implementation of the system can reduce fleet costs by 12% to 30%. 

The benefits of using Fleet Management:

  • Overview of gas consumption and ability to optimize the costs
  • Customized notifications and alerts for events such as – vehicles entering or exiting a certain area, low battery voltage, speeding etc.
  • Avoiding idling and saving man-hours
  • Real-time vehicle position information
  • Drivers' diligence and better efficiency
  • Driving information and habits overview
  • Vehicle and driver data administration
  • Savings on maintenance costs and telephone bills
  • Prevention of unauthorized use
  • Easy to use in various languages
  • Efficient and cost effective route planning
  • Detailed maps of Croatia and Europe
  • Low installation and monthly maintenance costs
Fleet Management is based on the use of vector maps and the use of terminal devices (GPS + GSM/GPRS) built into the vehicles.
Information that can be recorded by a terminal device:
  • Vehicle speed, direction and position

  • Vehicle status (engine on, door open, horn on, winch on, etc.),

  • Fuel consumption, engine speed,

  • Engine oil pressure and temperature,

  • Axle load.

One of the most important tools of the system is the analysis of the movement of vehicles, which enables an easy and quick display of a map with charted movement routes in any time interval and with all supporting data (location and time of stopping, average and maximum speed, mileage, etc.).

Data is saved and available whenever the vehicle is being used. The data obtained can be used for automatic travel warrant issuing or can be used for further processing and optimization.

 Fleet Management reduces fuel consumption, number of man-hours, idling costs, number of thefts, insurance costs and communication costs with the driver. The implementation of this system with one client engaged in passenger transport, monitoring the driving habits of drivers and optimizing the driving patterns resulted in annual savings of more than HRK 800,000.00, which was accomplished by reducing the fuel consumption by one liter per one hundred kilometers. The amount saved greatly exceeds the initial system implementation investment.